Friday, September 24, 2010

Breast Augmentation for Fuller, Shapelier Breasts

breast augmentation
Breast augmentation is an ideal procedure to consider, if you want fuller, shapelier breasts.

Women of varying ages and backgrounds have undergone the process. Breast augmentation improves the bust line and increases confidence. Pregnancy, breast feeding, and fluctuations in weight can cause changes in the breast size and shape. At times, breast augmentation can help women achieve fuller breasts with a firmer appearance.

Breast Augmentation Using Implants

More volume is added to the breasts by inserting implants. The two commonly used breast implant options are saline and silicone gel implants. The new silicone gel implants or Memory Gel implants are softer than saline implants. Silicone gel implants are a popular choice for patients with very little breast tissue and subcutaneous fat.

Breast Augmentation – the Procedure

Depending on a number of factors specific to each patient, implants can be placed either under the breast tissue or under the chest muscle. For more natural, softer breasts and to provide more coverage over the implant, the implants are placed underneath the muscle (submuscular) rather than underneath the breast tissue (subglandular). These factors can also determine where the necessary incisions will be made. Breast implants can be placed through one of four incisions: in the crease under the breast, through the areola (at the border of the colored part around the nipple), through the belly button, or through the armpit.

Breast augmentation surgery takes approximately 1-2 hours and can be performed in the doctor’s office as an outpatient procedure. Usually, general anesthesia is administered for this procedure.

Benefit from a More Appealing Breast Contour

Breast augmentation is beneficial in that it provides a more attractive breast contour. Whatever your preference is, plastic surgeons will work closely with you to create the desired size and shape, taking into account your goals and expectations.

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