Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ultrashape Liposuction - Ensures Maximum Body Sculpting Benefits

Ultrashape is a revolutionary device for fat removal, which ensures maximum body sculpting benefits. The procedure is achieving increased popularity in the US, and there are reputable plastic surgeons offering the procedure throughout the nation.

Ultrashape Liposuction Ensures Effective Fat Removal

Ultrashape liposuction procedure is known for its instant and long-lasting effects. Introduced by Lysonix, UltraShape uses safe, gentle ultrasound to liquefy fat from different areas of the body. The fat cells react to the ultrasound energy, ane break down. The technology is precise and targets only the fat cells, leaving the other tissues unharmed.

Areas commonly treated are:

• Arms
• Flanks
• Calves
• Jowls
• Abdomen
• Hips
• Thighs
• Knees
• Buttocks
• Male breasts

Ultrashape Liposuction Offers Quick Recovery

Multiple areas can be treated at the same time. The time required to complete this procedure and the recovery time varies according to the area treated and the individual patient. Because of the simple nature of the process, recovery takes lesser time and it leaves fewer scars as well. Normal activities can be resumed within a few days. Exercise can be started within a week after surgery, but you would have to wear a supportive garment.

As the fat cells are actually removed, as long as you maintain your weight within normal variation, the results are permanent. When you decide to undergo the procedure, scheduling your consultation with a reliable plastic surgeon is an important step. It is essential to choose an experienced plastic surgeon, who you feel comfortable with. Be sure to discuss all your concerns and make sure that you are a candidate for Ultrashape liposuction.

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