Thursday, June 2, 2011

Eye Lift for Droopy Eyelids

Hereditary factors, stress and changes in lifestyle hasten the aging process, making the eyes look weak and tired. Puffy eyelids and excess fat make the eyes droopy and unattractive. Of late, many in their late 30s and above are resorting to eye lift for correcting droopy eyelids. Eye Lift is a great cosmetic option to rejuvenate the eyelids.

Excellent Treatment for Puffy Eyes and Fat Bags
Eye lift is essentially a customized procedure which can treat the orbital regions of the upper eyelid, lower eyelid or both, and get rid of puffy eyes and fat bags. Plastic surgeons make a well-concealed incision in the creases of the upper eyelid to separate the skin and surgically remove unwanted muscle, tissue and fat deposits that cause the eyelids to sag.

The lower eyelids can sometimes be treated without the need for external incisions. In case it is found necessary, the incision is brought closer to the lower eyelashes so that it remains practically invisible. The next step involves the extraction of excess fat deposits and skin.

In most cases the surgery is performed on an outpatient basis after administering local anesthesia to the patient. Very fine sutures are used to close the incision which would come off on their own in a week’s time. Patients can expect temporary scarring and bruising after the procedure. This would gradually heal and disappear in a few weeks’ time. Most important of all, risks and complications can be minimized if the surgery is performed by a well-qualified plastic surgeon with long term experience.

A Standalone and Complementary Procedure

Eye lift for droopy eyelids can be undergone as a standalone procedure or along with other complementary procedures. The procedure is gaining fast popularity among both the sexes as its results are quite fascinating and long lasting. It is best to get treatment sooner than later as the condition resulting from natural aging process or heredity is known to worsen with gravity, stress and changes in lifestyle.


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