Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Liposuction is one of the few techniques, proven to be effective for removing excess fat from different parts of the body. Of the different techniques available, Ultrashape liposuction is an amazingly new and innovative procedure, which ensures effective fat reduction with minimal side effects.

Ultrashape Liposuction - Safe, Comfortable Procedure

Ultrashape liposuction is achieving increased popularity in the US, and there are reputable plastic surgeons offering this safe procedure throughout the nation. Using this breakthrough technology, excess fat can be removed from different areas of the body. The procedure targets and removes fat cells without harming the surrounding tissue.

Areas that Can Be Treated

• Arms
• Flanks
• Calves
• Jowls
• Male breasts
• Abdomen
• Hips
• Thighs
• Knees
• Buttocks

Multiple areas of the body can be treated during the same session. Procedure risks and severe complications that are normally associated with standard liposuction are rare. The process does not involve much pain, and the incisions are so tiny that they are virtually invisible.

Choose a Reliable Plastic Surgeon

Normal activities can be resumed very soon after the treatment. You may resume exercise within a week after the procedure. Scheduling a consultation with an experienced, board certified surgeon could be the most important step when deciding to undergo Ultrashape liposuction. The surgeon will take time at your initial consultation to discuss with you the procedure, and help determine if it's right for you.

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