Thursday, March 24, 2011

BodyTite™ Body Contouring in Wilmington

There are many studies coming out recently that prove BodyTite™ body contouring, that is also performed in Wilmington, to bring excellent results. Patients who undergo this new age procedure recover 30% faster and also see up to 40% more skin tightening results when compared to other modalities for liposuction.

Advanced Technology for Cellulite Reduction

BodyTite is the latest advanced technology for cellulite reduction with multi-role features that make it second to none. The modality utilizes powerful radiofrequency energy to disrupt almost all types of fat that lie superficial or deep in the body. Its compact handheld bipolar device has internal and external probes that are capable of tightening the skin simultaneously while the fat is extracted. This means that patients with relatively loose skin can now undergo this procedure and avoid surgical removal of excess skin and tissue.

The procedure generally takes up to 2 hours time and can be performed under local anesthesia. Patients can return home after the procedure and resume their normal activities with minimal downtime. As bodytite body contouring is a minimally invasive procedure, risks or complications are also reduced.

The modality’s unique capability of coagulating blood and uniform heating of the skin along with the subcutaneous layer makes it possible to treat almost all parts of the body prone to fat, includes the neck, upper arms, back, abdomen, inner and outer thighs and hips. Pain and discomfort are minimal and so are instances of bleeding and bruising.

BodyTite – A Device like No Other

BodyTite is a device like no other when it comes to attaining the best of body contouring results. Equipped with sophisticated a RFAL computer, the device allows plastic surgeons to control the strength and direction of the energy sent to the fat, dermis and blood vessels. With the coming of BodyTite in Wilmington, many of those who have failed to qualify for other liposuction procedures may be able to make their dream come true after all.

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