Monday, April 4, 2011

Liposuction with Tummy Tuck for a More Contoured Mid Section

When people have troublesome fat deposits in their tummy area, even rigorous workout programs and a healthy diet may not prove effective. A common problem faced by women is the excess fat and skin in the abdomen that remain after pregnancy. Liposuction with tummy tuck surgery/ abdominoplasty is a great option for attaining a more contoured mid section.

Both men and women can benefit from abdominoplasty. During the procedure, excess skin is removed, the area may be liposuctioned and muscles tightened if needed.

Benefits of Liposuction with Tummy Tuck

By undergoing the procedure patients can attain many benefits:

• Attain a more balanced figure and youthful appearance
• A flat, firm stomach
• Get rid of excess, loose skin
• Improve the appearance of stretch marks
• Long lasting results
• Save money and time since you need not come back for a second procedure
• Decrease the width of your waistline
• Minimal recovery period
• More efficient, natural results
• Less bleeding
• Outpatient procedure
• The administration of local anesthesia
• Enhanced safety and comfort

Advanced Techniques for More Safety and Comfort

To perform the procedure, plastic surgeons use different energy based liposuction techniques. Ultrasonic assisted liposuction is one of the newer techniques in liposuction. Liposuction using UltraShape uses safe, gentle Ultrasound to liquefy fat for smoother results and quicker recovery. By now, it has become a popular choice among men and women looking for a better body shape. Another popular liposuction device available is BodyTite. It uses powerful radiofrequency energy to dissolve fat cells and heat the soft tissues and skin.

After the procedure, the patients can resume their normal activities within a few days. Liposuction with tummy tuck is definitely the ideal procedure for attaining a more contoured mid section. Before going for the procedure, it is essential to consult a reputable plastic surgeon to find out if you are a candidate for it. The surgeon should be board certified and experienced to ensure the best aesthetic results. Discuss your aesthetic goals and concerns with your surgeon, so that you can receive the ideal treatment.


  1. Thank for give us such a wonderful information about advance technique. That provide a safety as well as creating a comfort zone for us.

  2. Tuck liposuction surgery with tummy / abdomen is a good choice even in outline attaining men and women can benefit from section.Both abdominal wall. In the-procedure, excess skin is removed, the area may be tightened, if necessary liposuctionedand muscles.