Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Breast Augmentation Surgery to Increase Breast Size

Pregnancy, breast feeding, and weight loss can all cause changes in your breast size and shape. Women who have small/underdeveloped breasts, and those that have lost breast volume after pregnancy and breast feeding can consider breast augmentation surgery. As the name suggests, it is the best option for improving breast size and attaining a more attractive contour.

Breast Augmentation with Implants

Breast augmentation enhances breast size, while retaining the natural look and feel of the breasts. Breast augmentation is done with the help of breast implants, such as silicone or saline implants.

Saline and silicone gel breast implants have their own individual advantages.

Saline implants - The saline implants have been used for many years and many women have had saline implants with excellent results. Implants are inflated after they are inserted into the body and are filled with sterile salt water (saline).

Silicone gel implants or Memory Gel implants - The silicone gel implants or Memory Gel implants feel softer than saline implants. It is the best choice for patients with very little breast tissue and subcutaneous fat.

The incision placement, implant position, and implant type may vary from person to person. Many factors are to be considered to determine which placement is best for you. For providing more coverage over the implant, the implants are inserted underneath the muscle (submuscular) rather than immediately underneath the breast tissue (subglandular). These factors can also determine where the necessary incisions will be made. Breast implants can be placed through one of four incisions: in the crease under the breast, through the areola (at the border of the colored part around the nipple), through the belly button, or through the armpit.

Procedure Benefits

• Outpatient procedure
• Performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with a sedative
• Does not require lengthy stay in the hospital/ clinic
• Minimal discomfort

Breast augmentation surgery takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete. You should be able to return to driving, work, and most regular activities after just a weekend recovery.


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