Tuesday, May 3, 2011

BodyTite Liposuction - Provides Significant Skin Contraction

Liposuction is a great alternative, when exercise and diet fail to get rid of excess body fat. The past decade has seen tremendous advancements in the liposuction techniques used, which have provided body contouring options otherwise inconceivable. Among the varied choices, BodyTite™ liposuction is fast becoming a popular choice. BodyTite™ provides significant skin contraction, which is rather impossible with traditional liposuction procedures.

Introduced by Invasix, the BodyTite™ device uses radio frequency energy to gently remove unwanted fat cells. The surgeon inserts a cannula into the targeted fat pockets to provide anesthesia solution called tumescent. The energy delivered to the treatment area liquefies the fat, which can then be easily extracted. The device comes with many safety features, ensuring maximum comfort to the patient.

Treatment for Different Areas of the Body

The ideal candidates for BodyTite™ liposuction are those who are healthy and only slightly overweight. Your plastic surgeon will help you decide if you are an ideal candidate. With this breakthrough technology, excess fat can be removed from targeted areas of the body including.

• Chin
• Upper arms
• Back of the neck
• Facial areas
• Belly
• Buttocks
• Thighs
• Waist, or love handles
• Hips
• Flanks, or saddlebags

The procedure not only eliminates bulges, but actually tightens the skin to give you not just a better shape, but also smoother skin. For some patients, liposuction with the BodyTite™ system will eliminate the need for a tummy tuck.

Advantages of BodyTite™

• Return to your job after a short recovery period
• Less scarring and bruising
• Minimal downtime
• Reduced side effects
• Reduced risks or complications

It takes just 1-2 hours to perform the procedure. Only a local anesthetic is required for the procedure. When selecting the surgeon, make sure that he/she is specially trained to work with this exciting advancement in cosmetic liposuction surgery. Prior to the surgery, it is important to have an open discussion with the surgeon.


  1. I haven't heard of the bodytite procedure before. But it does sound interesting. And you're right, patients should always make sure that their surgeon is qualified to perform this procedure and actually have experience on it.

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  2. Tummy tucks are becoming popular nowadays but you have make sure your doctor is the right one to work on you.

  3. Thanks for giving us a great knowledge.
    Now days,Bodytite procedure is the best procedure to lose extra fat cells from your body.